Life Lessons


The end of school for 2014-2015 is quickly coming to a close.  Tomorrow my baby girl “Rah” is promoted to 1st grade, my oldest boy “wookie” 2nd and my other girl “TyTy” 7th.  The “baby” is staying in preschool for one more year!

My summer visions include working on reading, sight words, and beach/pool visits.  They are the same visions I had for summer last year, but my summer took a drastic turn and was not at all what I expected!

When we had to head back to school in August, I apologized to the teachers that my kids had done ZERO summer reading, addition and sadly any summer educational learning.  I explained to them that we did LIFE.

Last June, my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia.  He was supposed to go into the hospital for a 30 day treatment.  My mom, sister and I were switching off caring for my dad. Friends, family and teachers all rallied together and stepped in to help with the kids.  They were thrown with people they hardly knew.  They had a lot of fun despite my going back and forth to a hospital 45 miles from home, but the thoughts of working on educational stuff kept getting swept under the rug.  We kept counting down for POPPOP to be discharged and then the learning would begin.  Well, July 3 my dad’s treatment suddenly took a turn and by July 5 we had to have discussions that would change our lives forever.  My dad died July 7.

My kids didn’t learn about reading, writing and arithmetic as I was consumed by our loss.  Education to me, in that moment, didn’t matter.  Instead, they learned about death.  My kids handled his visitations and funeral with grace and ease.  Our whole family (extends to my sister sisters family too) rallied together closer than normal (we see each other often and have a very tight family).  My sister’s older kids stepped in helped and loved on my younger kids.  They helped through each step.  Through all of our sadness we found really bright spots. We lived and loved!  We took trips, went to the circus and we spent lots of family time.  We did all the things that my dad worked hard to provide for US, his family.  He would be proud of our kids and our family!

Lessons aren’t only educational! They are life.  Life throws you curve balls and sometimes you come out different from where your visions were leading you! Enjoy your summer with your kids.  It’s not all about continuing education.  It’s about learning, loving and making memories!  I do, promise we will read a few more books this summer, but I can’t promise some won’t get sandy!

Please share some activities you plan to do with your family!  I will share our adventures too!

beach 2014


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