A day in the life of 4kidsandeczema…

Saturday is normally wild and crazy, but eczema dad makes waffles almost every weekend. It’s the kids favorite and mine!

Today, Rah tried out waffle art and I think it turned out adorable!

After our food coma we took a break and played spelling words with scrabble slam cards. The littles are 7 (Wookie), 6 (Rah) and 5 (Brockyb) so I decided it would be better to just practice making words since not everyone can spell!  And the oldest TyTy (12) wasn’t home
Speaking of games, we played Apples to Apples Big Picture  last night and that was tons of fun. If you don’t have this game it is great for non-readers to still feel big enough to participate in family game night!  (This isn’t a kid version so some pics are creepy. I suggest looking through them and pulling them out. I haven’t seen any word cards that weren’t ok for the kids!)

Ok, I got sidetracked!  We also took a family trip to the track for running, soccer and some baseball. Hubby works a ton during the week and Wookie and BrockyB enjoyed this a ton!  This weekend will be more relaxed than the weeks to come, but I’m enjoying the family time!

What’s your favorite family time activity?  Board game?  Project? Meal?


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