CLn Bodywash vs. Bleach Baths

This is an impression of me when our pediatric dermatologist suggested bleach baths…shocked

My first thoughts were, “You want me to stick my 2 year old in what?  You want her in bleach?  SERIOUSLY?!?”

So.. we left his office with a slew of steroids and an appointment in two weeks!  When we came back and hadn’t done bleach baths (cause I was a chicken) he had an alternative to offer me!  angelMUSIC to my ears!!!!  Angels singing and talk about relief!  I jumped up and down and almost sprinted out with the product!  cln

This product takes the most effective ingredient in your common household bleach and makes an effective, simpler to use, non drying product!

You see my first reaction isn’t an uncommon reaction from moms who don’t have experience with bleach baths.  Bleach baths ARE an effective way to clear up eczema, but its bulky, has to be measured just right and when uneducated it’s just plain scary!


I prefer to use simple, less drying and a very effective way to keep our eczema in check!  Our results speak for themselves…40% of my daughters body was covered when she began using CLn bodywash…at the end of 12 weeks she only had 1% of eczema on her!

I didn’t have to worry about my kids spilling bleach, ingesting it and I felt that the ease outweighed any other concerns I had!  I have 4 kids and I don’t have time to always make sure the bath is drawn just right to add bleach.  I stick my girl in the shower with a bottle of CLn bodywash and remind her what to do!  She washes her hair first thing, after rinsing her hair she shuts off the water and lathers up with her CLn.  She sings her abc’s a few times and then she rinses it off.  We don’t need moisturizers, steroids, aquaphor or anything.  We like to say that CLn is our ONE AND DONE!

Educate yourself about bleach baths by visiting, but remember there is an IMPRESSIVE alternative that in my opinion is worth every penny!


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