Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming whether or not you are prepared!  I thought I would share gift ideas that I have actually gifted to Eczema Dad and that went over well!  I have gifted most of these for our anniversary over the years, but think they would be great for Father’s Day too!

Custom branding iron:

If you have a company logo or want your last name on a branding iron this makes a really cool gift. You can have it made for actual use, but I had his made for decoration so it isn’t printed backwards since I knew he wouldn’t actually use it!  You can purchase one here.

Custom fishing rod:

My husband likes to fish!  He was very surprised with this rod. He will take it on its first outing this next week and I can’t wait to see what he thinks. You can get it personalized any way you want!  My friend Chris made it for me including bronze for the 8th anniversary traditional wedding gift idea.  You can order one here.

Copper credit card reminder:

The card I ordered was inscripted with a prayer that I wanted my husband to read when he opened his wallet. I wanted him to have a fresh reminder of me and my prayers for him. My prayer was “I pray that you relax in the Lord in your greatest times of stress, find joy and peace in your relationship with God.” I purchased it on Etsy.

Secret message collar stays:

For the man who wears a dress shirt and tie! They have hidden messages on each on and he will enjoy reading them when he puts them in or pulls them out of his collar after a long day at the office!  They were purchased from Red Envelope.


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