Dye-free birthday cake ice cream (no churn)

Yummy!!!! Easy!!! You will want more!!!


•White box cake mix (can use any kind we did white because it was dye-free)

•12 oz diet sprite (can use any kind of soda but I chose sprite again cause it’s clear and dye free) 

•14 oz can condensed sweetened milk

•16 oz fat free cool whip


1. Combine sprite in cake mix (do not add any other ingredients) 

2. Spread into 9×13 cake pan. Cook cake on temp and time as boxed directions suggest

3. Whisk cool whip and condensed milk. Once cake is completely cool cut cake in half and crumbled ONLY HALF of the cake into the cool whip mixture. Whisk it all together

4. Put mixture into a freezer container with a lid. Leave until frozen (at least 4 hours) and serve. 


Recipe altered from Paula’s post  to be  dye free. 

***We didn’t make ours skinny as our store was out of fat free cool whip and diet sprite. ***

Result was delicious and left the kids (especially the one who has always wanted to try birthday cake ice cream, but hasn’t been able to due to the normal colors involved!) wanting more!


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