Father’s Day


Not gonna lie…not looking forward to Father’s Day at all this year. Last year it was spent in a hospital visiting my dad. Not really a top dog Father’s Day! BUT, it certainly beats the one where you don’t get to visit your dad. 

For those of you who know me know that I’m pretty level headed, not real emotional and I roll with the punches… I wasn’t feeling that way with Father’s Day approaching and I decided to do something about it!  

I really struggled with not being able to buy my dad a card. He always bought cards. Most of the time he left them in the sack with a receipt from when he purchased them and then always joked they were in the mail. We always loved that for some crazy reason!  And when he cleaned out his desk it sure brought some smiles to our faces to find them! 

I know that I had (HAVE) an amazing dad. He worked hard, provided above and beyond our needs and was one of the most giving (even to strangers) man I know. (Please don’t tell him if you see him again before me, but he was funny too) But thankfully he wasn’t the only man who influenced my life. My parents surrounded us with many many other people of importance. We have been blessed to have other mentor type roles in our lives and I am grateful that my parents shared me with these people. 

Each year I have decided that I will pick a man who made a difference in my life. Who has given me good sound advice or taught me something over the years. I haven’t thought about years in the future. I’ve only chosen  the recipient this year. I had this idea and immediately this man was laid on my heart to send the card to. 

I mail it today with happiness, hope and excitement that I can find something good about future Father’s Days!  I do not have to be sad or anxious about that day coming. I can smile and know that I had the best dad and that was a gift! One I am really really thankful for! 

For those of you whose dad has passed away how do you honor him?  


One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. I think your idea of honoring men who have influenced your life is lovely.

    My Dad is also deceased (died in 1999 at the age of 44 from pancreatic cancer), so Father’s Day has solely focused on the father role for my kids for many years now. Now that I am remarried, and my children don’t see their stepdad on Father’s Day (and my husband’s father passed away a few years ago), I make the day all about him – whatever he wants to do, eat, etc. In a way, it’s very “full circle” since *technically* my Dad was my stepdad (he raised me – my bio father wasn’t in my life from the age of 5). I feel like making the day as special as I can for the stepdad to my kids, who is an AMAZING role model and father figure for them, honors my Dad in a way.

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