Father’s Day Part Two


There is a lot to say about the man who is behind this family!  He is one of the most dedicated hard workers I know.  He is honest and kind.  He works himself to the bone (a lot of the time 24 hours a day)! He sacrifices so much so that I can stay home and run this happy family. I am so ever grateful that he chooses to let me be with my kids and be a part of all the important events.  His daughter told me the day we got married that I would always have everything I needed.  She was 100% accurate.  I never NEED anything!


I am not one for mushing and gushing and all that, but it just wouldn’t be right to have Father’s Day upon us and not acknowledge all he does for our family! Our kids are ever so lucky to have a good strong, Christian man to raise them.  He loves his children immensely and really strives to be the best dad he can be.

My dad used to joke at Eczema Dad’s sensitivity (don’t let it fool you my dad was a softy too) and joked once that he cried “everytime a gas station opened!”  We have gotten so many laughs about that statement.  The real truth is Eczema Dad is sensitive, yet only when it comes to his family.  He is a lot like my dad in so many funny, familiar, wonderful ways.  My dad left an amazing legacy and it warms my heart to see how my husband strives to do the same and carry on my Father’s genuine giving nature.

On this Father’s Day eve, I want to thank Eczema dad for being the best man he can be for me, our kids and my family! All those times you have impressed me with your handy skills, your amazing waffles and your patience make me realize just how much I love you!


Enjoy your Father’s Day doing what you love to do the most (fishing with your buds), relax, unwind and let your hair down a bit (I know it gets crazy when yall are together…have you heard the joke about two penguins who come into a bar?)! Once you’ve done all that take a moment and know you are appreciated, loved and we are so glad you are ours!


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