Preteen silencer…tip one! 

Preteen PSA… Thank me later!!!!  

Ever wanna make your preteen stop in their tracks? Try this….Buy her little sister new clothes (Super cute ones).   Have her ask, “Where did  you buy all those cute clothes?”  and respond truthfully,  “Walmart!”


2 thoughts on “Preteen silencer…tip one! 

  1. My mom used to get me like this all the time, except instead of clothes from Walmart they would be from Goodwill. Speaking from experience, its not really about the name for some kids.

    1. She is actually a really sweet big sister and normally doesn’t care what the other kids get. She has been away for 2 weeks without us and missing her mom and I think the “what do they do without me bug” bit her. She isn’t overly brand conscious, but does like her Nike, under armor and lulu! (She has stuff from all over! It’s hard to be 12 and 5’8!)

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