Favorite things to do in South Padre Island, tx

We visit here a couple times a year and there are many things we love to do each time we come! We have favorite restaurants and activities we never miss!  

We love hanging out with the Pirates aboard the Black Dragon! If you have kids and are looking for a GREAT time FULL of entertainment for kids hop on board! You WILL not regret it!

The ecoboat is a dolphin watch where they drag a net along the bay and pull up sea life for the kids to see and learn about. If what they pull out is safe to touch the kids can actually hold the sea life before they put it back in. We’ve seen sting rays, puffer fish, starfish, shrimp and lots more!  

Fireworks on the bay side are always great! Get a front row seat at our favorite restaurant La Hacienda!  Here is a picture I took off their back porch last week!  

If you want a good fun dessert stop into Padre Ritagrill for liquid nitrogen table side ice cream. Can be made in several kid flavors and many liquor flavors too!  (Video to come soon) 
My sister will disown me if I don’t shout out to her favorite beach side bar and grill the wanna wanna!  And to Schlitterbaun!  Oh the fun we have each and every year here!  This year Roostie screamed her heart out in excitement on each ride and spoke to every lifeguard!  She informed me she talks to stranger so she “can make people happy!”
Our favorite island shops are Surfs Up and Isla!  

And for grown ups… Take time to hit the catamaran for the best fajitas cooked on board AROUND. You will not regret the night off and the amazing views you will get on your catamaran tour of the bay!  



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