Independence Day Parade  

It’s raining today!  We decided to decorate our “float” for the upcoming Independence Day Parade. 


We are doing our celebrating different than we normally do.  I am excited to let the kids wear red, white and blue!  And pull our float on the beach and be grateful for the legacy my parents have created. 
The kids are proud of our wagon decor and can’t wait to “win first place!”  We heard there are awards to be given out, along with watermelon and water bottles. The kids are sure we will win!  I’m glad  Brocky B will be overly excited with the watermelon (just incase we don’t WIN). At least one of 4 will be happy (don’t tell anyone I am a Leo and a pretty sore loser). 

I’m excited about the parade and ocean side fireworks. Since, there is a lot going on with our country I’ve  decided for this day I am not going to worry about where are country was or where it is headed!  Instead, I am going to take this day to be thankful for the country we live in, the God I believe in, the family I share it with and my ocean view. 



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