Water safety tips 

I was read an article this morning about water safety. I thought I would share the water safety tips from the article

Tips for Safe Swimming This Summer

Bring a buddy: don’t swim alone even at public pools or lifeguarded beaches.

Never leave young children unattended near water and never trust a child’s life with another child.

Establish a Water Watcher to supervise children in the water. This person should NOT be reading, using a smartphone or otherwise distracted.

Young children and inexperienced swimmers should always wear U.S. Coast Guard-Approved life jackets.

Establish rules, and always enforce them. Don’t let children play around drains or suction fittings. Also, don’t let children have breath-holding competitions.

Don’t assume children will use good judgment around water.

Store and secure small toys away from the water when not in use so they don’t attract a small child.

Be aware: Cold temperatures, currents, and jagged rocks at rivers and lakes can make water dangerous.

Always wear a life jacket on a boat. Most boating fatalities occur from drowning.

Don’t drink and swim. Alcohol impairs balance, coordination, and judgement.

Sign up for swimming lessons if you’ve never had them.

Always swim in areas supervised by lifeguards where available.

Learn how to perform CPR on adults and children.

CPSC’s Pool Safely campaign is urging parents and kids to go to take the Pool Safely Pledge before they go in or near the water.

(Source: Red Cross, CPSC)

 Water Safety Tips for Inside the Home 

Never leave small children alone near any container of water.

Keep bathroom doors closed and secure toilet lids with lid locks.

Never leave a baby alone in a bath for any reason. Get what you need before running water, and take the child with you if you must leave the room.

Warn babysitters or caregivers about the dangers of water and emphasize the need to constantly supervise young children.

Make sure small children cannot leave the house through pet doors or unlocked doors to reach pools or hot tubs.

ENJOY your holiday weekend and be safe!  



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