Truthisms from Eczema Dad  

My husband is GREAT with words. He wrote the below excerpt on his personal Facebook and I asked if I could share it today!  The man bleeds Red, white and blue. He loves our country and his family. He whole heartedly believes in what was our  Founding Fathers vision! 

Take a moment to read what Eczema dad had to say about our parade:

So, evidently on South Padre Island, “parade” translates to “hot, humid, sweaty, crowded long-assed walk on the beach”.

But with all the anger and frustration that’s come to our nation in the last couple of weeks, this parade was a welcome sight. 

You had, youngs, olds, gay, straight, tattooed, animal lovers, blacks, whites, latinos, asians and a few more ethnicities for good measure. You had rich people, beach bums, moms and dads. You had locals and tourists, city workers and cops. 

And we ALL have the same thing in common: we’re Americans. We wore patriotic shirts, Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty showed up. There were American flags as far as the eye could see and everyone was glad. You could see by the looks on their faces and you could hear it in their voices. 

The people not in the parade took pictures and smiled and they waved and shouted “Happy 4th” to the complete strangers walking down the beach in front of them. 

This American family has problems, but they’re still OUR problems to work out. And we will; with prayer and good will. We will. 

Happy Independence Day from South Padre Island, Texas And Eczema Dad!



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