My dad…he would be proud!  

I mentioned my dads passing before in a post, but today it’s a year to the day since he died.  

You can read more about him here.

I wasn’t sure what to expect today. There were moments of sadness.  There were moments of gratitude seeing reminder after reminder of how many other people truly loved the man he was.  There were moments of laughter!  There were moments of prayer and rememberance. 

With that said though, I am so grateful that my mom allows us to speak freely, openly and excitedly about all the wonderful things my dad did for us, but I want to recognize HER. She was his “rolling rock”, she has been the woman that made HIM the man he was.  SHE is the one that does the heavy lifting for this family. 

I am so ever grateful for my dads work ethic, love for us and him being willing to give so freely.  However, I appreciate so much of my mom for being the do-er, planner and the real deal excitement builder in the family!  Anyone who knows my parents knew what a great team they were, but this lady made this year bearable, fun and full of new memories to honor my dad! 

Thank you mom!  You honored dad in a way noone else could and I know  he’s looking down at each every event!  He’s not watching us though….He’s watching you and he’s beaming because he always loved to see what you could accomplish. 


Love you mom!  



2 thoughts on “My dad…he would be proud!  

  1. very well said Jess! I have always admired your family and the immense amount of love & joy you all have. You and Jenny are so fortunate to have your parents and you have both learned how to share that love with those around you.

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