My top beach must haves…

While traveling home today I started thinking what did “I” HAVE to have on my trip. This isn’t the must haves for kids it’s for me personally the mom!

  1.    CHI Royal Treatment Aqua Charge Conditioner… My hair felt ridiculously dry and stringy. My mom offered me this product!  My hair felt and smelled amazing after using this. I was an honest daughter and sadly left the product there with her, even though I was tempted to bring it home with me!   I will be buying more!
  2.   Best sandals for the beach yet!  They are light weight and comfortable. They didn’t  get burning hot (I have black) and made walking in the sand easier. They washed up well and sand didn’t stick in any crevices like it does in flip flops. I was on the fence about these before the trip and the trip confirmed I want another pair!  
  3.   I’m not one to burn much, but one day like a dummy I didn’t use sunscreen more than my foundation on my nose and it got pretty sunburned. After that, I lathered up using this stick and I didn’t get any more burnt. 
  4.  Love love love these shades!  I have a few pairs. They really filter the sun, yet they brighten up your vision field. My awesome friend gifted me a pair years ago and I begged for another pair and I am very thankful for them. They are stylish and hold up to being a mom. Also, they are light weight and very comfy. I don’t get the aches behind my ear or my nose with these. 

  Remember that sunburn I mentioned?  This stuff was amazing. I know I’ve sung it’s praises before, but I didn’t know it could help with sunburn. My shoulders and legs were red and painful. I thought, “hey eczema burns so let’s try this.” I lathered up all over my body before hopping in the shower and left it on for about 2 minutes and a lot of the burning feeling was gone after my shower. Eczema dad turned a bit lobster like and I suggested it and he says, “I’ve  tried it. It did take out the sting!”  I brought the sports wash with us because it’s a larger bottle for our family and we get a months worth out of the big bottle for our family of 6. I also had some sort of rash looking stuff come up on my leg and it is pretty much healed after using Sportwash  for a couple days and concentrating on the area.  After two washes and 48 hours!    

  1.   This bandini tankini was comfortable and forgiving!  I felt   stylish and it was perfect for lounging on the beach and riding waves. It comes with a strap to add on as well, if you get nervous that it won’t stay up. I bought it online before our cruise and it runs a little big. I love I can mix and match it with different bottoms. 

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