What does the Gulf of Mexico have in common with my daughter?


I have been checking email and getting back into the groove (yes, I’ve already started my fourth load of laundry today and I’ve been home 18 hours). So, now that we are home from our family vacation and I am back FULL force…

I want to ask what you think the Gulf and Roostie have in common? That she loves it? Yes! That she misses it? Yes! That she wants to go back and jump BIG waves? Yes! That AND they both apparently  carry  Staph (it is thought that during our days of severe Eczema that she kept infecting herself)? Did that stop you dead in your tracks like it did me?  Yeah, Staph is not something I want places of pleasure and fun sharing with my family ever again!  (Staph was more than generous with us a few years ago..read ALL about that HERE!)

As I was getting my groove back, I came across an article  about a lady contracting staph from the Gulf of Mexico (how about one where a man loses his leg due to bacteria?). UH? Cue the mom freak out mode…I mean… Where were we visiting, swimming and jumping waves?  THE GULF!  Guess what?  My freak out lasted less time than it has taken you to read this paragraph.. Know why? I am the proud owner, user, lover, addict, what ever word you wanna use to describe my LOVE for all things CLn (pronounced CLEAN).

Do you know one of the best things I have ever read?

My beloved product is “Developed by physicians for those who spend time in areas where bacteria and microbes thrive- such as sports arenas, gyms, locker rooms and sweaty equipment and clothing.” And my first thought…”The GULF!”  Yippee!!!  I don’t have to worry!  Happy Dance!

happy dance

Guess what each and every member of our family did immediately after leaving the beach/Gulf? We showered and used CLn Skincare.  We didn’t realize ahead of time we were protecting ourselves from a nasty bacteria. The SAME bacteria that was vacationing where we were (http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2015/06/health_officials_warn_of_flesh.html).  I am so glad that as our family packer I arm myself with the best products we can get our hands on!

cln skincare

Are you taking a vacation to hotels? Beaches? Oceans? Sweat filled amusement parks? I urge you to protect your kids and family! All it takes is a little cut for Staph to run rampant! “Think Clinically Clean” If you haven’t been plagued with antibiotic-resistant staph infections, I promise you DO NOT ever want it.  It hangs around longer than you can image, wreaks havoc on the whole family and the results are awful! Imagine months of antibiotics, hospital stays, appointments with bone doctors because the infection has gotten down to the bone in less than 24 hours (or so they thought). (These are just a few of the scary things we experienced).

Here is Roostie’s leg when she had staph the first time.

Can you imagine someone in your family looking like that? How about your 2 year old? Staph was one of the worst experiences we have had as a family and I hope that you will see that I am sharing this info in hopes to make a difference to someone! It came on so quick and angry we didn’t have time to prepare ourselves!  We have since DRAMATICALLY changed how we protect ourselves!  We only trust CLn Skincare! We’ve been staph free for 4+ years and we don’t plan on looking back!



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