Summer mom…not fun 

I made some awesome lists for the kids to follow (before we went out of town) and had them clean up areas of the house so Eczema dad could come home to a clean house. 

Those lists were so awesome and well loved by the kids (can’t you tell by the look on Roostie’s face) that I thought I would make them a more permanent decoration around my house. 

We are finally home more than to just lay our heads in our pillows. So out came updated lists…and to show that they aren’t temporary….I whipped out the ole LAMINATER!  

Cue the excitement of a clean house, not all cleaned by mom, kids cleaning and whining.  Yep, emotions are all over the board today!  BUT THIS PEOPLE MAKES MY HEART HAPPY! 

The kids have lists in their rooms and bathrooms. I’m putting them all over the house!  I am confident that even if the kids love me less today Eczema dad will love me more! And guess what…I’m loving me more today cause the cleaning for a family of 6 isn’t all mine anymore! 

Kids, I am so thankful that you are old enough to help, that you love lists (me too 😍) and that we can have a cleaning dance party while checking things off our list!  


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