Birthday count down! 

Two weeks from today is my birthday! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my birthday. I mean LOVE LIKE LOVE LOVE!!! So, I thought a fun blog would be to “shop” online hypothetically for my birthday gifts!  

This is a picture of the surprise birthday party thrown by my mom and TyTy on our trip to the beach last year!  

So…..  The

  Award goes to these three…
My mom is seriously one of the best gift givers EVER (ask anyone she knows) and she has really taught her giving nature to my oldest!   And throw my sister in there too and look out world.  (My sister bought me many moons ago the best and most loved diaper bag I ever had. It sadly was stolen and I could never find an amazing replacement quite like it!) 

The idea of hypothetically shopping is silly yes! But therapeutic too as I LOVE to shop almost as much as I love my birthday! I love buying for my kids, nieces and nephews. I wish I had an endless supply of money cause gift giving feels so good and I love surprising people with things they would love! 

So now I ask you  to check out the top 5 birthday gifts I would buy ME! Honestly, this list is just things if money wasn’t an object, that I have eyed and think would be pretty cool!  But, really I have everything I could want!

  1.  Mac book ProI really want to streamline my  devices!  My current laptop is too big to carry around and isn’t easy to edit and blog etc. I want a similar operating system to my phone and iPad and want to simplify. 
  2. Chloe Marcie Small Satchel  I have been eyeing this bag for a couple years.  I am normally a straight line person and I just love the curves and stitching on this bag!  
  3. Rubber floor mats   My mom and cousin have these and oh I think they are amazing!  How nice are these?  Any mom would love these even if she didn’t want to admit it!  
  4. Time  I am constantly running and if I am not running I am cleaning, making tents or something and today I would buy time!  Time with my husband, mom, sister, cousins and family. We don’t have enough time with anyone anymore and I would love time!  
  5.   I want to read this book. I’ve been led to it several times and I think I could gain a lot from reading it!  So, I would buy this for myself too. I would definitely buy it over items 1-3 as growing in your Christian relationship far outweighs the material things in my belief. 

What are some things you would buy yourself?  It can be dreams of what you want or a real deal, “hey I really want this item.”  I would love to see what you are eyeing!  


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