4 Fast Ways to Make the Text on Your iPhone Easier to See

Thank you Woman’s Day!  One of the suggestions wasn’t an option on my phone, but OH MY GOODNESS the BOLD is so amazing and easy on my eyes. My amazing eye doctor is gonna be so proud. With changing this feature I might go from worst contact lens wearer to the best in her practice because HOLLA! Eczema mom can see the print on her iPhone and can now take her lenses out before she sleeps! (Click the pic for the tips)

 And while I am Helping you see clearly your phone all clearly…don’t get all big headed like me and not go see your eye doctor and take the best care of your eyes you can!  You only get one set! 


If  you need an optometrist in DFW… Heritage Family Eye Care is the best!  Dr. Colvin is amazing!  You want fast?  She’s fast…you want thorough? She’s that too!  You want kind, generous, funny and someone who is just like me or you?  Yeah she’s that too!  Approachable? Understanding? One that won’t rush you?  That’s her and guess what?  Her staff is equally as amazing!  So, remember if you need an optometrist and you live in DFW this is your place!  IT IS WORTH THE DRIVE IF YOU AREN’T IN KELLER/FORT WORTH!!  You can even tell them I referred you!  




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