I Tuesday tip…

I have had kindof a long day. Not a great day and certainly not a horrible day just a hoe hum day with a lot of I Trust God self talk! 

However, one absolutely positively great thing happened!  This girl stepped foot in our home for the first time in 6 weeks!!!!  She was gone for two, vacationing with me for two and gone again for two!  

So, today’s tip is brought to you a little late in the day because we had to celebrate her arrival with sushi! Mmmmmm mmmmm good!

So this weeks Tuesday tip is…my 2 favorite aps!  AND  

You can search and find a coupon for just about any store you can think of!  If you like Jcpenney,  Old Navy, The Children’s Place, Michael’s or Pier One those are just a top few!!!  Get those aps!  And you will thank me!

I use them a lot with my mom and she’s always happy with the tidbits I save her!  I need to start adding up our savings to see what I save with them each year! 

Share your Tuesday tips too!   Please please! 


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