Cheap Stain Fighting Power 

As you know, I have four kids… I have a little dog and they like to track nastiness into my house and on my carpet. I find dirt streaks and marks all the time on my carpet. It makes me crazy!  I decided to do an experiment. I am sick of buying expensive carpet cleaners that barely work. 

I took matter in my own hands while I was at $ tree I found old time shaving cream.  I bought one can to test it out On my carpets.

Here is the first spot I decided to tackle. I am not sure what it is. I think it was an oil stain. I took the shaving cream and rubbed it in the spot and left over night.  


The next day I got a cloth wet, scrubbed and to my amazement it completely came out!

The carpet is still a little damp when I took the pic, but the black stripe is gone. 

I am now cleaning all spots on my carpet with Barbasol!  I even used it today on a mattress when my sons waterproof mattress failed him…

His mattress had a pretty good tinkle stain and I did the above after I tried to soak up at much liquid as possible.  I left all day and the smell is completely gone and there is no stain!  


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