College prep step 1…


My kids have been trained to not just EAT, but LIKE RAMEN NOODLES!

The trick is I do not prepare it like usual.  I bring my water to a boil, cook the pasta and drain out the water. Then I add the seasoning packet and pasta back to pot and add 2-4 tsp of butter (I normally make 4-5 packs at once since I am feeding a small army).  I stir all of that in and turn my burner back on to medium and I tear up 1-2 slices of Colby jack cheese and stir while the butter and the cheese melt. 

Serve that baby up, pat yourself on the back cause you fed your kids a pretty tasty meal ( yeah I know not overly healthy, but it’s quick and cheap!). 

Also, be proud that now when they NEED to eat ramen in college they think it’s a treat!  

I remember asking for more money in college and my mom said, “Come to me when you HAVE to eat ramen every meal…not when you CHOOSE  to eat it!”




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