Fishing for fun


  We came out to Ruidoso, NM to escape the Texas and Las Cruces heat! It has been wonderful to be be in temps ranging from 60 to 86!  Texas is hitting 106 today!  
My kids are loving the condos my MIL rented we have this cute little porch overlooking a golf course and pond. Lots of people are fishing out of the pond this year!  In years passed, I never noticed them fishing. My kids are EXTREMELY out going and friendly and when I left them with MIL so I could grocery shop I came home to the having befriended some children and their grandpa.  

Not only did they befriend him, but they were in on the fishing!  We have no poles, I’m not fisherman and I don’t know they last thing about much outdoorsy.  If you need to know where to purchase something, how to craft or need an organizing idea I am your woman!  I’ve camped once in my life, fishes with my uncle when a small girl and went camping once and that same uncle brought air mattress and a TV….

So, that night I sat and watched and asked the grandpa all I could about fishing here. I found out I needed a license…so off to Walmart I went yesterday!  Eczema dad is proud that I secured my first fishing/hunting license. 


It only took me befriending the sporting goods guy Jesse and a few million texts to eczema dad 

And we had  all the things  we needed!   I rigged us up some hooks and line (we are fishing without poles here!). We went down and OMGoodness the fish were biting!  We caught 50 fish in about an hour!  It was insane. I’ve never once in my life ever even thought I would take fish off , but it was off the HOOK (lol see what I did there?)!  

I really thought that this was going to be a beating and that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. To my surprise I loved it. I loved hearing my son “woooo” really loud each time he caught a fish!  I loved hearing my daughter yell out the number caught!  I loved watching my two smaller ones enjoy each and every fish. They were pulling them out so fast that there was a line waiting for fish removal and bait. 

My kids were so happy and my heart was so full!  I am so thankful that I have a mom and mother in law who bring us on amazing trips. I am so happy for being able to make these memories with my kids I wouldn’t otherwise. I am thankful for the confidence that God gave me yesterday to get this fishing stuff and wing it. Sometimes the best blessings are those least expected. I surely didn’t expect to be blessed by having to get a fishing license and struggle through fishing with my kids, but I did. I was blessed by enjoying my children. the beautiful scenery, a great mother in law and making fun unexpected memories!  Plain and simple…IT DOESN’T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!  And you know what?  We are back at it today and trying a few other new things!  Thanks eczema dad for holding down the fort. 



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