Legos…the root of all evil? 

How many times have you stepped on a Lego and thought your life was over?  How many times did you swear if that happens again you will throw all of those little evil pieces away?  

Well, for a change legos saved the day!  Kids were restless, making me a nervous wreck around my mother in laws house. They were having competitions to see who could best jump over the cactus in her backyard!  Uhh Yeah, that’s not a TERRIBLE idea kids!    

So, I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I told the kids get the Legos and count out 20 pieces.  Any pieces they want. Sit back to back, and lay pieces out but you can’t look at each other’s… Then I told them to build the tallest tower they could with the pieces, next all must be attached but make the longest creation you can, then use all pieces to make the letter of your first name and so on and so on. I set a timer for each activity.  Easy tasks one minute, harder ones 3. This kept the kids busy for a solid 45 minutes  and then it was time to leave for dinner. 

I’m not sure where my idea came From, but I am so thankful it kept them quiet, contained, out of the cactus and they had to be creative and competitive. 

My favorite design was when I let the girls team up and boys team up and create the Eiffel Tower. I think. Their designs are great!  


Next time I step on a Lego I might be less apt to toss them…instead maybe I’ll push a kid into a cactus.  I JOKE I JOKE! 




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