Long travel And a dose of Joy 

Today we began the 10 hour journey home from New Mexico!  We had a really spectacular trip!  It was low key and busy all at once. Such a different trip than two years ago, yet very close to the same. My kids are older, easier and soooo much fun!
We went to Las Cruces, Ruidoso and back to Cruces. We swam, fished, spent time as a family and made so many memories this blog wouldn’t have the ability to hold it all!  

My oldest fell in love with BINGO. I’ve always said she’s an old soul. We played at the Elks lodge, one of the parish halls and my mother in law took her and my niece to the American Legion. 


My littles went hiking with eczema dad and really enjoyed it.  Eczema dad loves talking about hiking these same mountains as a youngster. They also got to visit a border patrol station and see some cool gadgets that WOOKIE was interested in.  


I really learned this trip that no matter how much I have traveled in my life my true joy is found in watching my kids make memories and the true love they have on their faces while I am observing and they don’t even know.   

Joy by definition says:

It sounds great. But my version it’s even greater:


It’s all that above and seeing my kids carefree, loving life, living the dreams that they didn’t even know they had! Me being able to say, “Yes!” Yes, to ice cream, extra cuddles, playing games, late bedtimes and fun, fun and more fun! 

This trip was one we’ve done before yet at each and every moment something new popped up. They didn’t have that exact fun, same smile or love before. All of it was fun! And everyone got along, played well and enjoyed each other. 

I am so thankful to my mother in law that we lovingly refer to as Saint Beverly and my mom.  They are the reasons many many times I get to experience my own personal joy!  

I learned so much from my joy this summer. I’ve always heard joy comes in the morning and the last year joy came.  It was harder to find some days after my dad died, but words can’t express the JOY I experienced with my kids THIS  summer. It was just the medicine this ole stone heart needed. 

Thank you Boo and Nana Bev for being the givers of my joy. Your love and support for me and the kids is so very much appreciated.



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