STAPH, MRSA, Infections…Don’t Play!

I recently read an article about Daniel Fells.  You can read the article here. Its such a heartbreaking story.  This could have been Rah!

I have shared a lot about our story, but I haven’t told you in detail about one of the scariest days of my parenting.  I actually didn’t know that it was so scary until it was almost too late.

Rah’s eczema began when she was about 6 months old and we really felt that we had pretty much kept it in control.  Never healed but not worsening.

Bam in February2011, before she turned two we noticed a small red spot on her leg.  It looked similar to a small mosquito bite.  We noticed it about 10 am that morning.  We didn’t pay much mind to it.  We were taking a couple of our kids to go to the Stock Show and Rodeo that night and as we were leaving Rah crawled down the stairs, she went to stand, come tell us bye and collapsed.

We picked her up and raised her pant leg and were astounded at what we found.  That small red spot was no longer small. It was LARGE, HOT and ANGRY.

autry leg

We immediately took her to the nearest hospital.  They took one look at her and said we will transport her to the nearest children’s hospital via ambulance and wont even treat her.  If you don’t check her in here and just take her there it will be faster and time is of the essence.

On the way to Dallas to the hospital, we called our pediatrician and he called the hospital direct and had us already checked in.  They took us immediately and started an IV and told us to get comfortable as we would be inpatient for a few days.

We had meetings with bone specialists, doctors and dermatologists.  They thought the infection had gotten down to her bone in less than 12 hours.  Staph doesn’t take its time.  Staph finds a breeding ground and takes off.  The growth of infection is a sprint…healing time is a marathon.  Things go bad FAST!  Like really really fast.  We had to make markings on her leg to make sure that the antibiotics were even working, because sometimes they are resistant.

autry leg 2 autry markings

People who don’t get help for these infections can DIE within 24 hours.  Did you know that people like Rah are staph carries?  She was infecting herself. We had three babies at one time and she could have infected them.  It could have run amok in our house causing lots and lots of problems.   The cycle can be very detrimental and even deadly if you don’t get it checked out quickly.

Daniel Fells is probably going to lose his foot.  That is a scary fact.  it has me flabbergasted that this could have easily been Rah!  She was on 30 days of antibiotics after this 48 hour hospital stent.  She was in isolation while in the hospital too because Staph is so contagious.   Here is a good article to back this up!

Almost immediately she became infected again after she was off the antibiotic.  This is when we qualified for the CLn Bodywash Study.

CLn’s CO-Founder Clay Cockerell, answered the question on Scratch Me Not, “How does CLn Body Wash work to prevent infections and itching due to eczema?

CLn® BodyWash is a product formulated with soaps and sodium hypochlorite. It is designed to cleanse infection-prone skin. In laboratory testing and in clinical studies, it was noted to kill bacteria and reduce Staph bacteria on the skin. Bacteria commonly superinfect patients with eczema, and this has been shown to worsen the condition. CLn® BodyWash is an over-the-counter cleanser and is an effective, adjunctive product for those with compromised skin like in those with eczema.

I am so grateful that we have been staph free since beginning use of this product.  I hope that athletes, families, schools, etc. find out more about this product and that it spreads like wild fire.  I believe in this product and think about what a difference it can make when used!

Protect yourself and keep others safe!


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