Summer Strep

Here I am sitting at the pool enjoying my time with the kids. I might be checking Facebook a bit too often, but really I am just checking to see what’s in the “news”. 

Post after post: “I have strep!”  “My kids have Strep!” Strep, strep, strep!

This winter, our schools talked over and over about the amount of absense due to the flu. Our kids thankfully never got it. 

I am shocked by this, but then I think about the products we use that the whole world hasn’t discovered yet! (They should have cause I shout it from the roof tops!)

If you haven’t heard about CLn from me the odds of you living under a rock are HIGH!  

So, here’s the deal…it’s not scientific and it’s just my opinion, but I FIRMLY believe the reason we are healthy and avoid illnesses like strep and the flu are because we use CLn Bodywash.  

Here is what is scientific about it. For years, physicians have known that bleach baths can effectively cleanse compromised skin and decrease the spread of infection. CLn BodyWash takes the most important ingredient of the bleach bath and provides a clinically proven daily cleanser. Now you can repair and protect compromised skin in a gentle, safe, and easy way.

Guess who is healthier? Has been healthier? And uses CLn Bodywash????  

Us, the Robinsons…

Guess who should be using CLn products?


Go ahead, test it, try it…tell me I am crazy!  Better yet…take the risk and prove me RIGHT!  


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