How many of you have heard of folliculitis?  Have you or someone you love ever suffered from it?

The inflammation shows up on the skin as a red, sometimes itchy rash of raised bumps. These bumps may be filled with pus.  Some people think these bumps are acne, but, although folliculitis can resemble acne it’s not!  

My husband had a job a few years ago and would have to help his team install security systems and wires in attic spaces.  We live in Texas where it’s hotter than hot!  

So, as you can imagine he would sweat a ridiculous amount!  He started complaining of feeling pimple like places in his hair. I looked and they were pus filled sores and very painful. 

It looked a lot like this. 

The only CLn product we hadn’t tried was CLn Shampoo. I suggested using it to him. It took a few weeks for him to agree. 

At first he tried his own self treatment like not wearing a hat so he would sweat less, warm compresses and leaving them alone or picking at them…

None of those really worked!  Finally, he tried the shampoo. It wasn’t instantanious in healing.  It took him consistently using the product when showering and he would rub it on the sites and leave over night, but after about 3 weeks it slowly started to heal. Once it cleared up completely (4-6 weeks) he stuck to using CLn shampoo a few times a week. He hasn’t really had problems since!

 I wash regularly with CLn and have been able to avoid all the normal razor burn etc issues that people with sensitive skin have. I used to get red bumps near my bikini area and never thought much of it. 

It was just a way of life…I have used CLn Bodywash for so long I almost didn’t realize that I haven’t had this annoying summer issue at all since!  

If you want more info about folliculitis, I read about it here. It gives you a more educated view.  What I know is that we have a staph carrier in our house, very sensitive skin and a product that works for the conditions we have!  

We also have a boy that loves sports and sweats constantly and he uses the shampoo as a preventative. We don’t mess around when it comes to skin conditions. We’ve seen a dime size red spot grow in a few hours and reserve us a spot inpatient at a children’s hospital. 

Back in the day people used to say:

That’s how I feel about folliculitis and eczema.  It’s painful, looks icky, and can cause a host of problems if it gets infected. I’ll stick to using what we know  and visiting our derm if needed. 

BUT, I should probably mention we haven’t seen our derm in 4 years! Cause our skin has been clear!    We miss you Dr. Ghali!



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