Beach must haves 2016

Every year our family beach must haves change! 

This year we have a new love of all things sports from the 8 year old!  He has been excited about two cheap soccer goals we bought at 5 below!  

He also bought:

All the kids on the beach have become our new best friends. We even had a serious game of shirt vs. skins!  

As for the adults our list contains things to make our beach time a bit more relaxing!  

If you haven’t purchased the ozark trail koozie you’re crazy!  They are from Walmart, but I can only find them here now!  And these beach cups are amazing for holding your koozie. They sell for $5 at Walmart, but head over to 5 below and thank me for the savings cause they are only $1 there!  

We have also found a new love of being a beach family. We love crabbing!  Get yourself some cheap flashlights, a large bucket, shovels and these awesome nets!  

Get prepared for lots of laughs, screaming and fun. 

If you don’t like laughing and being a bit excared (excited/scared) CRABBING is NOT for you!  

This has been one of the most fun trips!  

However, we can’t forget the after the beach necessities too!  
From bug repellent/sunburn relief:

To our tried and true Bodywash that keeps our sensitive skin conditions under wraps:

And definitely last, but not least the must have hair products cause my hair gets CRAZY here!  

What are your vacation must haves?  


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