Best Water Parks

We hit Schlitterbaun every year when we go to SPI. This year we ran out of time…this might be the saddest thing I’ve thought about all day. Not ready AT.ALL for vacation to be over!

I should warn my mom that three weeks next summer is looking even better. (I promise to cook and give you days off from Boo-ing).  

With that said we are hitting Hurricane Harbor on Friday cause I need to brush up my tan…And I am totally excited about the lazy river!  

We live close to Great Wolf Lodge and we’ve been once, but something about an indoor water park just seems wrong when you live in Texas, but it’s a top contender for best water parks in the country!  

I read this article today.  Have you gone to any of them?  Which ones should we hit?

Time to get to booking my next destination!  I mean I can vacation again soon, right?!? Give me sun, water, a float and I am READY..

The kids MIGHT need more entertainment, but I bet we could compromise!  

In the mean time, have I mentioned I am not ready for vacation to be over? 


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