Are you a gracious receiver? 

My day was rough yesterday…went to bible study and on the way I opened the Book of Promises that my friend gave me. 

Before I read the above randomly my other friend emailed me this: 

I think God has a message for me! And I need to listen. I have a hard time with being patient and listening, but I know he says:  

I woke up in the middle of the night and started to worry about things that God has under control even if I don’t. I started praying and told God I am turning all that over to Him, my worries are gone and I told the devil to leave me alone. 

I’m going to be a gracious receiver! I wouldn’t have turned down birthday gifts the other day so why would I not trust in Him and receive the gifts He wants to give me?  

Our message at church was about being intentional. I think it’s time I am intentional with myself!  You can watch it here

Are you using your gifts?  How has God spoken to you?  


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