Ruidoso and Fishing 

It’s about time for our annual Ruidoso trip to get under way. As a matter of fact, we are here waiting on our condo. 

Kids are playing and I am enjoying the lower temps!  Such a great place to get away from the heat and make memories. 

We will begin fishing, as soon as I secure a fishing liscense and learn to tie a Palomer knot. The hubs has the utmost faith that I can do it!  He shared this video with me just in case.

We have our fishing tackle all ready to go!  The most important item for me is our CLn Bodywash.  Last year my fingers were so sore from poking them with hooks and then having my hands in gloves so I didn’t have to touch nasty fish.
What items do you use that you can’t live with out?  Do you have one that just stands out from all the others?  What do you do on family vacation?  I wanna hear your stories. 


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