Back to School Lunches 

As a mom of 4 I have to be somewhat organized!  Our house is not over the top organized in any way, but 4 kids can destroy a house in a nanosecond!  

I really try to stay on top of the chaos and keep life simple. I like to be “Yes!” Mom and if I am not on top of things all I can do is say “No!”  

This year we decided to try being more organized with lunches. We, me and my 8th grader who has amazingly made all the kid lunches every day, every school year!  I would say I’ve helped maybe a total of 10 times. 

I wanted to remove her stress of doing lunches and see if I could help simplify the process and be involved without having to be involved while getting four kids ready and out the door!  So we came to this conclusion: 


The door hanger has 4 columns, one for each child. We put a fruit, we pre bag chips and a snack in each, then we get a sandwich and pack it.  The bottom 6th pocket holds 5 snacks one for each day. 

So basically, this is what the first week of school lunch consists of 48 pieces of bread, 48 strips of turkey bacon, 25 ounces of turkey, 20 bags of chips, 20 treats, 20 pieces of fruit, 15 pieces of cheese and 20 snacks! 

So now I can excitedly announce, “We have successfully made it through the first week of school with sandwiches!”
BUT and this is a big BUT!!!!  We need 4 water bottles that don’t LEAK!!!!  Like don’t LEAK AT ALL!  Suggestions please!!!  


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