I’ve always been kind of a quieter, less outgoing, keep to myself, only if you are in my bubble kind of girl.  I was a mom, wife, daughter, aunt and sister. Which honestly, with kids CRAZY close together didn’t leave much energy for anything else. 

About year ago things started changing in my life. I was attending networking groups, growing my business and just generally stepping out of my comfort zone. For the 7 years prior I had been a stay at home mom and dabbler. I sold Scentsy, Advocare, crafted and just did what I could to make extra shopping money. And I guess if my dad were here he would say I looked for “what’s next.”

Looking back, I was searching for more!  I was looking for passion, excitement, change and purpose. And I had no idea. 

I didn’t know that I had become  complacent. Not unhappy or bored, but not excited and driven either. More like a hamster on his wheel…definitely not bad because I was a mom and I was doing everything I had wanted to do!  But something was missing in my day to day. 

Our family started attending a local church in January and we jumped all in. Our feet didn’t just get wet. It was our WHOLE body!  

Our kids were involved and I started to volunteer with the babies on Sunday. We went to some prayer meetings and every time we showed up it was us and the leaders of the church.  I went to a group called Brave, even when I told my mother in law months before I wasn’t Brave enough to go!  (Now, I am helping to keep that group growing). 

My business took off and it flourished. I was able to enjoy my kids, make money, meet people and start working on me. 

 to last week…I met with our Pastor and shared some ideas and thoughts that have been weighing heavy on me. 

I shared our “why” of how come we picked this church!  And we talked about direction. 

Check out how God has been working in me for today!  You can also hear what we are going to be up to and what I am super excited to be involved with. (It’s not super clear cause it was taken pretty far away and on an iPhone). But I am very excited about the future of our church. 

I can’t wait to see where we reach people. I can’t wait to see my church family grow and I cannot wait to see the new friends I am going to continue to be blessed with. The ones I have already made are making such a strong impact!  

I am not one that likes public speaking.  So, I was very nervous, but I survived. And I am now seeing why God started changing me.  And I can’t wait to see how I continue to change and put myself out there to share His word and how He has had a hand in my life all along, even when I might not have been living for my intended purpose. 

Have you ever started changing and not known why?  It’s exciting!  Keep your chin up. Open your mind to stepping WAY outside your comfort zone. You will be blessed in a way you could never imagine. 

Today, my heart is fuller, my family happier and my future is secure as I know my God has great plans for me!  

I dont know what all He is working on and I often wonder what He has in store for me, but I know it’s gonna be GOOD!  


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