How many of you have children that notice things and point them out and it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up from embarrassment?  

One time, I was having my car serviced and 13 was 3.  It was Christmas time and she had been watching an obnoxious amount of Elmo’s Happy Holidays. The employee who escorted me to my car said,  “Happy Holidays!”  My daughter smiled and yelled, “Merry Christmas, NO  WAIT your black Happy Kwanza!” 

What did I do? Turn red, questioned my parenting…

Hoppped in the car and put the pedal to the metal…stumbled and choke on my words. FINALLY, gathered my thoughts  and began the teaching part. I talked to her about differences and that we don’t have to point out differences. EVEN WHEN WE NOTICE THEM!  

We talked about the obvious like people in wheel chairs and that IF she has questions we can talk about it later. And she is always allowed to ask me when we are alone.  I prodded with, “Did you know that people with glasses are different?”

I reminded her that she too is different. At the time she was an only child, and her body was different than Elmo, he has fur and is red. She doesn’t have fur and has light skin. Did I mention we PROMPTLY STOPPED watching “Happy Holiday with Elmo!” Just in case!  Lol. 

I tell you all this to share about this article well written by a loving mom that talks about her daughter (pictured below) and a skin condition she has.  She shares the heartbreak and challenge it is when walking through the store.   You can’t miss her daughter’s skin condition if you aren’t used to seeing it. However, just because her skin is different her feelings aren’t. 

We are obviously very aware of various skin conditions, but we are looking for ways to increase awareness and teachable moments for our kids.  

Also, if you know anyone with a skin condition feel free to tell them about our family. I would love to see if our favorite product can help them. And show them support they may not be getting elsewhere. 

Have your children ever embarrassed you by saying or noticing something? Share your stories.  What other life teachable moments come to mind?  

Also, please take time to click on this picture and read her story. 

Read here.


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