“Be still, be still, be still, be still, be still…” Every time I turn around I’m hearing, “Jessica, Be Still!”

It has been constantly running through my head for months. Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a still person. I don’t just idly sit. I don’t stay in one place. My mind is always in motion. I’m always connecting this person to that, thinking I can do this, if I can’t do it myself who can I get to do it?  

Truth is, I  am scared to be still. I am scared to slow down?  Why?  Does it show weakness?  Will I become aware of the things I have been avoiding?  Why does stillness have a negative connotation with me?  

I have been going to a Bible study for months. I have heard “be still” almost every single week and every single week I think I’m gonna do it!  Every week I hear every single noise that church has, every single creak, every single breath you hear I hear it magnified…

But let’s get down to brass tax…

The truth is God I hear you. BUT, I have not been obedient to Your push.  You Why? What am I afraid of? I KNOW I really should obey, listen and be still!  I am aware that the only time I am still is at reflexology. My mind prays. I allow the quiet to engulf me, BUT this is only if I go alone, my husband is home with the kids and they are sleeping. Any other time it’s still a mind race. 

Share with me how you turn off the noise, stop what you are doing and how you become still. How do you take the time you deserve, shut off your mind and hear God?  It’s so much easier said than done!  


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