Back to School Lunches 

As a mom of 4 I have to be somewhat organized!  Our house is not over the top organized in any way, but 4 kids can destroy a house in a nanosecond!  

I really try to stay on top of the chaos and keep life simple. I like to be “Yes!” Mom and if I am not on top of things all I can do is say “No!”  

This year we decided to try being more organized with lunches. We, me and my 8th grader who has amazingly made all the kid lunches every day, every school year!  I would say I’ve helped maybe a total of 10 times. 

I wanted to remove her stress of doing lunches and see if I could help simplify the process and be involved without having to be involved while getting four kids ready and out the door!  So we came to this conclusion: 


The door hanger has 4 columns, one for each child. We put a fruit, we pre bag chips and a snack in each, then we get a sandwich and pack it.  The bottom 6th pocket holds 5 snacks one for each day. 

So basically, this is what the first week of school lunch consists of 48 pieces of bread, 48 strips of turkey bacon, 25 ounces of turkey, 20 bags of chips, 20 treats, 20 pieces of fruit, 15 pieces of cheese and 20 snacks! 

So now I can excitedly announce, “We have successfully made it through the first week of school with sandwiches!”
BUT and this is a big BUT!!!!  We need 4 water bottles that don’t LEAK!!!!  Like don’t LEAK AT ALL!  Suggestions please!!!  


Legos…the root of all evil? 

How many times have you stepped on a Lego and thought your life was over?  How many times did you swear if that happens again you will throw all of those little evil pieces away?  

Well, for a change legos saved the day!  Kids were restless, making me a nervous wreck around my mother in laws house. They were having competitions to see who could best jump over the cactus in her backyard!  Uhh Yeah, that’s not a TERRIBLE idea kids!    

So, I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I told the kids get the Legos and count out 20 pieces.  Any pieces they want. Sit back to back, and lay pieces out but you can’t look at each other’s… Then I told them to build the tallest tower they could with the pieces, next all must be attached but make the longest creation you can, then use all pieces to make the letter of your first name and so on and so on. I set a timer for each activity.  Easy tasks one minute, harder ones 3. This kept the kids busy for a solid 45 minutes  and then it was time to leave for dinner. 

I’m not sure where my idea came From, but I am so thankful it kept them quiet, contained, out of the cactus and they had to be creative and competitive. 

My favorite design was when I let the girls team up and boys team up and create the Eiffel Tower. I think. Their designs are great!  


Next time I step on a Lego I might be less apt to toss them…instead maybe I’ll push a kid into a cactus.  I JOKE I JOKE! 



I forget yesterday was Tuesday!  So delayed tips

So, I am a slow poke and realized today was not Tuesday like I thought!  

Back to the task at hand a helpful tip… It’s lame, but helpful…I found a round garbage can at the $tree before our road trip in June and I snagged that baby and found some bags that are a little large that I can tie around the can and I can have the kids load up with trash and it’s easier to toss all of it in a bag and replace the bag then gather it up and make trip. The win win is my car stays cleaner and the kids actually put their trash in it. 

Grab yourself a trash and bags!  Make yourself smile  


Cell phone photography

So, I take a lot pics with my phone… Some great…some terrible and some just special. I always think I would love to find a way to take better pictures of things and my kids!  

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

I started looking for things to do to make my photos more fun, professional and just kind of cool. I came across this cool video that shows cool techniques. If you want to have some fun with your phones camera check this out!

Cheap Stain Fighting Power 

As you know, I have four kids… I have a little dog and they like to track nastiness into my house and on my carpet. I find dirt streaks and marks all the time on my carpet. It makes me crazy!  I decided to do an experiment. I am sick of buying expensive carpet cleaners that barely work. 

I took matter in my own hands while I was at $ tree I found old time shaving cream.  I bought one can to test it out On my carpets.

Here is the first spot I decided to tackle. I am not sure what it is. I think it was an oil stain. I took the shaving cream and rubbed it in the spot and left over night.  


The next day I got a cloth wet, scrubbed and to my amazement it completely came out!

The carpet is still a little damp when I took the pic, but the black stripe is gone. 

I am now cleaning all spots on my carpet with Barbasol!  I even used it today on a mattress when my sons waterproof mattress failed him…

His mattress had a pretty good tinkle stain and I did the above after I tried to soak up at much liquid as possible.  I left all day and the smell is completely gone and there is no stain!  

Independence Day Parade  

It’s raining today!  We decided to decorate our “float” for the upcoming Independence Day Parade. 


We are doing our celebrating different than we normally do.  I am excited to let the kids wear red, white and blue!  And pull our float on the beach and be grateful for the legacy my parents have created. 
The kids are proud of our wagon decor and can’t wait to “win first place!”  We heard there are awards to be given out, along with watermelon and water bottles. The kids are sure we will win!  I’m glad  Brocky B will be overly excited with the watermelon (just incase we don’t WIN). At least one of 4 will be happy (don’t tell anyone I am a Leo and a pretty sore loser). 

I’m excited about the parade and ocean side fireworks. Since, there is a lot going on with our country I’ve  decided for this day I am not going to worry about where are country was or where it is headed!  Instead, I am going to take this day to be thankful for the country we live in, the God I believe in, the family I share it with and my ocean view. 


Dye-free birthday cake ice cream (no churn)

Yummy!!!! Easy!!! You will want more!!!


•White box cake mix (can use any kind we did white because it was dye-free)

•12 oz diet sprite (can use any kind of soda but I chose sprite again cause it’s clear and dye free) 

•14 oz can condensed sweetened milk

•16 oz fat free cool whip


1. Combine sprite in cake mix (do not add any other ingredients) 

2. Spread into 9×13 cake pan. Cook cake on temp and time as boxed directions suggest

3. Whisk cool whip and condensed milk. Once cake is completely cool cut cake in half and crumbled ONLY HALF of the cake into the cool whip mixture. Whisk it all together

4. Put mixture into a freezer container with a lid. Leave until frozen (at least 4 hours) and serve. 


Recipe altered from Paula’s post  to be  dye free. 

***We didn’t make ours skinny as our store was out of fat free cool whip and diet sprite. ***

Result was delicious and left the kids (especially the one who has always wanted to try birthday cake ice cream, but hasn’t been able to due to the normal colors involved!) wanting more!