Last costumes 

I saw a blog with the cutest last minute costumes for moms to be!  Thought I would share here

Also, we had to have story books characters last week for school and I wanted something cheap and easy. My daughter loves the book Library Mouse so that’s the book she chose. It was super easy and last minute. 

One of the boys took a counting Starwars book. 

And then there is a football player. Who read a football chapter books

What are your quick and easy costume ideas for the mom out there that has had a tough couple weeks and didn’t get to buy a costume yet?  


I Tuesday tip…

I have had kindof a long day. Not a great day and certainly not a horrible day just a hoe hum day with a lot of I Trust God self talk! 

However, one absolutely positively great thing happened!  This girl stepped foot in our home for the first time in 6 weeks!!!!  She was gone for two, vacationing with me for two and gone again for two!  

So, today’s tip is brought to you a little late in the day because we had to celebrate her arrival with sushi! Mmmmmm mmmmm good!

So this weeks Tuesday tip is…my 2 favorite aps!  AND  

You can search and find a coupon for just about any store you can think of!  If you like Jcpenney,  Old Navy, The Children’s Place, Michael’s or Pier One those are just a top few!!!  Get those aps!  And you will thank me!

I use them a lot with my mom and she’s always happy with the tidbits I save her!  I need to start adding up our savings to see what I save with them each year! 

Share your Tuesday tips too!   Please please! 

4 Fast Ways to Make the Text on Your iPhone Easier to See

Thank you Woman’s Day!  One of the suggestions wasn’t an option on my phone, but OH MY GOODNESS the BOLD is so amazing and easy on my eyes. My amazing eye doctor is gonna be so proud. With changing this feature I might go from worst contact lens wearer to the best in her practice because HOLLA! Eczema mom can see the print on her iPhone and can now take her lenses out before she sleeps! (Click the pic for the tips)

 And while I am Helping you see clearly your phone all clearly…don’t get all big headed like me and not go see your eye doctor and take the best care of your eyes you can!  You only get one set! 


If  you need an optometrist in DFW… Heritage Family Eye Care is the best!  Dr. Colvin is amazing!  You want fast?  She’s fast…you want thorough? She’s that too!  You want kind, generous, funny and someone who is just like me or you?  Yeah she’s that too!  Approachable? Understanding? One that won’t rush you?  That’s her and guess what?  Her staff is equally as amazing!  So, remember if you need an optometrist and you live in DFW this is your place!  IT IS WORTH THE DRIVE IF YOU AREN’T IN KELLER/FORT WORTH!!  You can even tell them I referred you!  



Amazon Prime…I think I love you!

So, I confess that I have an addiction. It’s not unhealthy or detrimental, but it’s real!  I am addicted to Prime!  I love it!  2 day shipping great, but my heart beats with excitement when I can get same day delivery!  

Confess with me that you share my addiction. Don’t leave me alone here!  And then…jump up and down with excitement! 

Check out these tips a fellow blogger shared!  They are amazing, awesome and some I was totally unaware of!  Look out Amazon my addiction just got worse!

Tuesday Tip

Starting today I am going to share a helpful (or one I think is helpful) tip each Tuesday. Nothing special just something I do that I feel shouldn’t be kept a secret anymore. Share your own tips in the comments and they might make an appearance in a future Tuesday tip post!  

If you ever shop at Walmart do NOT miss out on scanning your receipts and possibly getting some money back!  I’ve ONLY been doing this since May and I have $23.77 waiting on me. I don’t shop a lot at Walmart, but u typically get $2-3 back each time. A few times I haven’t gotten anything, but I mostly bought their brand (probably clothing for the kids or something). 


Get the Walmart ap and sign up for Savings Catcher!  I don’t think you will be disappointed!  

Independence Day fireworks USA’s Best displays. 

I will be watching fireworks from somewhere different this year. I’ve seen them from here before, but most years we watch them from Southlake, TX or Grapevine, TX

I decided to look and see where the best fireworks are in the country and the travel channel offered this  great list and seating suggestions. 

My kids loved the year we DVR’ed the Boston Pops and watched it over and over. I vowed to take them to the show one year!  I’m glad to hear Houston has a great show too cause that isn’t too far away… I’m feeling a road trip in my future!

Where are your favorite fireworks?  Do you have a favorite color? Or style?  My  favorite is the kind that make the sizzling sound as they come down!