What Has Eczema Done For You? 

Is that a loaded question?  Can it be answered by things like; It’s left me fearful? Sad? Angry? Hurt? In pain?  

How many of you are parents of a child suffering from Eczema?  Has it made you worried, overwhelmed, lonely?  

I felt all of those. Fearful my daughter would be hospitalized AGAIN for staph. Sad she had to miss out on kid things like playing at McDonalds.  Angry, because why did we have to spend 45 minutes preparing her skin for bed?  Lonely, because no one really wants to talk about a skin condition.  

Eczema is a crappy wrap. It’s something that no one wants. And you don’t wish it on anyone, but I want to share the other side of what Eczema has done for me.  The GOOD, if you will.  (Believe you me, I am 5 years from when our Eczema was bad and I can still relate with all those raw emotions!)

Eczema brought us a very dear friend.  From the lowest point we met Dr. Azam Anwar the founder of CLn Skincare. The products that changed our life and began the life changing. He was a God send and has been instrumental in all of our successes.

Eczema brought us friends that we could share our battle with and help change their life. But what Eczema really brought us was opportunity….
My daughter battled Eczema and it controlled our family. Then one day it brought about a partnership where I was able to use my voice and experience to share our story…

Years later, I realized that opportunity really provided me vehicle and I decided to drive the car!  That car took me to uncharted territories! It started with a lot of personal growth and reflection, blogging and then I pieced it all together. 

Dr. Anwar facilitated ideas and put me in contact with a social media manager who was a real blessing. She taught me everything and was so supportive, has offered advice and really gave me training and guidance she didn’t have to. God really worked through her and met me where I needed and thanks to her I started a social media business. 

This social media business provided us extra money for vacation and really gave me the confidence to speak in front of groups, share my visions for other people’s business and grow my own. 

Thanks to Eczema, I own a business that is growing, flourishing and providing in ways I had no idea it could. 

But that’s not all…Do you want to know what Eczema is providing me now?!

FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS AND A LIFE I DIDN’T  KNOW EXISTED. My husband is working with me.  He is out of corporate America…he is able to be a dad and father by not working 90 hours a week.  He is able to help me run OUR social media business. We are able to use his strengths to strengthen my weaknesses and vice versa.  

So ask me again the question that started it all:

Eczema change my life!  And I never thought I would be able to confidently say this, but the GOOD defintely outweighs the bad. 

When you are down about your current circumstances and you don’t understand why….I encourage you to trust in God, Cause He knows what he is doing.

I asked Him many times why and He tested my patience and my faith, but the battle was worth the VICTORY. And here I am, Eczema Mom, entrepreneur, social media guru, Child of God who is finally able to see that what Eczema is was really a blessing in disguise!  (Matthew 6:8)


It’s been a while…

I highly encourage blogging, yet here is sit not blogging in quite some time. No real reason why, but not real topic to talk about either. 

So today, I am looking for inner balance and change.  I recently read that 12 minutes of prayer a day can change the makeup of your brain.  You can read about it here

I don’t necessarily agree with Olsteen often, but I do know I can feel a physical change when I pray or when I know someone is praying specifically for me. Do you?  

Have any of you read the Proverbs 31 books or Power of a praying woman?  Thoughts on those?  

I don’t have a lot to add here, but I would love to hear your stories of how praying for yourself specifically has changed you and what all you studied while doing that. 


“Be still, be still, be still, be still, be still…” Every time I turn around I’m hearing, “Jessica, Be Still!”

It has been constantly running through my head for months. Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a still person. I don’t just idly sit. I don’t stay in one place. My mind is always in motion. I’m always connecting this person to that, thinking I can do this, if I can’t do it myself who can I get to do it?  

Truth is, I  am scared to be still. I am scared to slow down?  Why?  Does it show weakness?  Will I become aware of the things I have been avoiding?  Why does stillness have a negative connotation with me?  

I have been going to a Bible study for months. I have heard “be still” almost every single week and every single week I think I’m gonna do it!  Every week I hear every single noise that church has, every single creak, every single breath you hear I hear it magnified…

But let’s get down to brass tax…

The truth is God I hear you. BUT, I have not been obedient to Your push.  You Why? What am I afraid of? I KNOW I really should obey, listen and be still!  I am aware that the only time I am still is at reflexology. My mind prays. I allow the quiet to engulf me, BUT this is only if I go alone, my husband is home with the kids and they are sleeping. Any other time it’s still a mind race. 

Share with me how you turn off the noise, stop what you are doing and how you become still. How do you take the time you deserve, shut off your mind and hear God?  It’s so much easier said than done!  


I’ve always been kind of a quieter, less outgoing, keep to myself, only if you are in my bubble kind of girl.  I was a mom, wife, daughter, aunt and sister. Which honestly, with kids CRAZY close together didn’t leave much energy for anything else. 

About year ago things started changing in my life. I was attending networking groups, growing my business and just generally stepping out of my comfort zone. For the 7 years prior I had been a stay at home mom and dabbler. I sold Scentsy, Advocare, crafted and just did what I could to make extra shopping money. And I guess if my dad were here he would say I looked for “what’s next.”

Looking back, I was searching for more!  I was looking for passion, excitement, change and purpose. And I had no idea. 

I didn’t know that I had become  complacent. Not unhappy or bored, but not excited and driven either. More like a hamster on his wheel…definitely not bad because I was a mom and I was doing everything I had wanted to do!  But something was missing in my day to day. 

Our family started attending a local church in January and we jumped all in. Our feet didn’t just get wet. It was our WHOLE body!  

Our kids were involved and I started to volunteer with the babies on Sunday. We went to some prayer meetings and every time we showed up it was us and the leaders of the church.  I went to a group called Brave, even when I told my mother in law months before I wasn’t Brave enough to go!  (Now, I am helping to keep that group growing). 

My business took off and it flourished. I was able to enjoy my kids, make money, meet people and start working on me. 

 to last week…I met with our Pastor and shared some ideas and thoughts that have been weighing heavy on me. 

I shared our “why” of how come we picked this church!  And we talked about direction. 

Check out how God has been working in me for today!  You can also hear what we are going to be up to and what I am super excited to be involved with. (It’s not super clear cause it was taken pretty far away and on an iPhone). But I am very excited about the future of our church. 

I can’t wait to see where we reach people. I can’t wait to see my church family grow and I cannot wait to see the new friends I am going to continue to be blessed with. The ones I have already made are making such a strong impact!  

I am not one that likes public speaking.  So, I was very nervous, but I survived. And I am now seeing why God started changing me.  And I can’t wait to see how I continue to change and put myself out there to share His word and how He has had a hand in my life all along, even when I might not have been living for my intended purpose. 

Have you ever started changing and not known why?  It’s exciting!  Keep your chin up. Open your mind to stepping WAY outside your comfort zone. You will be blessed in a way you could never imagine. 

Today, my heart is fuller, my family happier and my future is secure as I know my God has great plans for me!  

I dont know what all He is working on and I often wonder what He has in store for me, but I know it’s gonna be GOOD!  

Back to school 

So it’s back to school and today was Meet the Teacher. I created some cute little gifts for the teachers. 

That was fun, but more pressing issues are at hand. My baby is going into kinder and I am like, “UH he was just born and yeah I am not ready for this! OH and he has food allergies and I am supposed to trust people I hardly know with him?!? He’s  the baby and did I mention I think I just cured him of door licking? Oh and one last think I forgot to mention is he is the baby, my baby…baby of the FAM OH LEE”

So what do you tell the teachers about your kids?  Do you have kids that have food allergies?  How detailed do you go?  Do you have them wear shirts as a reminder?  Allergy bracelets?  

What about my daughter with skin issues do I tell them that? How about the one who has a harder time adjusting??  Ok where is that bubble to keep them in or that homeschool teacher I forgot to hire… So I can control EVERYTHING?!?

But really…One of my guys really DOES have severe food allergies. I have taught him about his allergens. He knows not to eat anything I haven’t sent with him.  The school only allows store bought snacks. And I took snacks for him to have when they celebrate birthdays in class. The teacher is someone I know and trust but still…this one could be serious and life threatening and I have pretty much been in control of him and his food for over 6 years!  
Will his teacher teach the kids this info?  Will the parents honor that?  Do they understand the severity of it? 

The pic above needs to be taught to kids who aren’t familiar. Parents please teach your kids if  they have something my son can’t have don’t touch him, don’t offer him anything and please please please don’t tease him. 

My boy is tough and doesn’t care, but some kid do. My youngest daughter suffered from severe, painful, ugly, yucky, oozy eczema. 

This is a common issue with kids with food allergies. My son does not have skin issues and my daughter doesn’t exhibit any signs of food sensitivity, thankfully! BUT if you see a kid with red, painful, scaly skin know they are probably battling a couple different beasts. Give them a smile, encourage your child to be a good friend. And teach them to think about them and their differences.  

On a similar but different note, we also have a son with a food dye sensitivity. His isn’t as severe as the one with the tree but allergy, but I’ll tell you what makes this mom as heart burst…

You just can’t believe the kindness his friends extend to him. I have had many moms call me and say, “Hey my son wants to know what doesn’t have dye in it so he can serve it at his party!” The kids don’t want my son to feel different and they want him to be included. Those parents have amazing kids and I am greatful. 
We do not want or expect people to do anything different for our kids, but it is kind to know they will!  

If you know anyone who suffers from food sensitivity, life threatening, or not skin conditions or any other difference send them our way.  We want to embrace those like us, cherish our differences and learn about others who are different than us. 

Are you a gracious receiver? 

My day was rough yesterday…went to bible study and on the way I opened the Book of Promises that my friend gave me. 

Before I read the above randomly my other friend emailed me this: 

I think God has a message for me! And I need to listen. I have a hard time with being patient and listening, but I know he says:  

I woke up in the middle of the night and started to worry about things that God has under control even if I don’t. I started praying and told God I am turning all that over to Him, my worries are gone and I told the devil to leave me alone. 

I’m going to be a gracious receiver! I wouldn’t have turned down birthday gifts the other day so why would I not trust in Him and receive the gifts He wants to give me?  

Our message at church was about being intentional. I think it’s time I am intentional with myself!  You can watch it here

Are you using your gifts?  How has God spoken to you?