It’s been a while…

I highly encourage blogging, yet here is sit not blogging in quite some time. No real reason why, but not real topic to talk about either. 

So today, I am looking for inner balance and change.  I recently read that 12 minutes of prayer a day can change the makeup of your brain.  You can read about it here

I don’t necessarily agree with Olsteen often, but I do know I can feel a physical change when I pray or when I know someone is praying specifically for me. Do you?  

Have any of you read the Proverbs 31 books or Power of a praying woman?  Thoughts on those?  

I don’t have a lot to add here, but I would love to hear your stories of how praying for yourself specifically has changed you and what all you studied while doing that. 


Moms Unite 

Did you know October is Eczema Awareness month ?  It’s hard. It’s the same month as Breast Cancer Awareness. Both are horrible awful issues affecting lots and lots of people. 

Sadly, I think all other awareness issues get overtaken by the pink ribbons and funds raising for a “cure.”

Don’t get me wrong I totally think it’s important and I am not discounting the severity of the that disease in any way, BUT I do know eczema deserves more research and recognition. It deserves more awareness, more support for moms of children who suffer from eczema. It should be information at your finger tips about causes, treatments and the emotional gunk that comes from the balancing act that is eczema. 

This post is a lot of rambling, but I know I am not the only eczema mom that felt alone in our battle. I know I am not the only one that felt like it was lotion after lotion, steroid after steroid, doctor visit after visit and like I am on a hamster wheel never getting off.  

I guess I want to make other moms like me know:

You aren’t alone…I am here

There are treatments that will work…find your windex. 

Ours is CLn bodywash
You need some one to cry, vent or just talk to? Eczema mom understands. 

And you know what it doesn’t make you a bad mom to not know the cure yet, be frustrated, not want to do the WHOLE bedtime skin routine or back the bag of all the extra stuff you need to get through the day.

It’s ok it makes you human and every once and a while gosh darn it we can cry cause we are frustrated. 

Eczema may control your child’s skin and it probably feels like it controls your life…it sure did mine for a while, but just take a moment to share your story with me, facebook, twitter or the world and see how many other people will stand united and say “Eczema stinks!”  We deserve a bigger voice and today it starts here!  

We don’t need some Ribbon or tons of money to help find a cure. All it takes is a small village to change the world. Let’s support moms and their kids! And share what has helped calm the eczema monster in your life. 

Part 2 Outside In…

So, we went back to the dermatologist and he said he hadn’t seen eczema that didn’t at least look like it had STARTED to heal, especially with the amount of medication she was on. 

It made me sad to think her legs and feet could possibly look like they did forever. I WAS REALLY WORRIED WE WOULD HAVE TO AMPUTATE HER PINKY TOE.

Thankfully, he did have good news… she qualified for a medical study. We were to use a bodywash 3 times a week. The directions were very specific to get skin wet, lather on and leave for 1-3 minutes and then rinse. 

I wasn’t sure at first what to think, but honestly we had no other options and nothing to lose!  And NOTHING else had worked. Was she going to be stuck with skin like this forever? 

12 weeks later I was more grateful than ever that we found CLn bodywash and that we were able to be in the study. We had no idea that a couple of bottles of bodywash would be so instrumental in our future.  

Isn’t it?

Here is a video describing what she went through and how one simple product significantly changed our lives.

 5 years later her skin is still clear and all the other issues she had have completely cleared up and NOT come back!  And she’s just a happy 7 year old doing her thing! 


How many of you have children that notice things and point them out and it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up from embarrassment?  

One time, I was having my car serviced and 13 was 3.  It was Christmas time and she had been watching an obnoxious amount of Elmo’s Happy Holidays. The employee who escorted me to my car said,  “Happy Holidays!”  My daughter smiled and yelled, “Merry Christmas, NO  WAIT your black Happy Kwanza!” 

What did I do? Turn red, questioned my parenting…

Hoppped in the car and put the pedal to the metal…stumbled and choke on my words. FINALLY, gathered my thoughts  and began the teaching part. I talked to her about differences and that we don’t have to point out differences. EVEN WHEN WE NOTICE THEM!  

We talked about the obvious like people in wheel chairs and that IF she has questions we can talk about it later. And she is always allowed to ask me when we are alone.  I prodded with, “Did you know that people with glasses are different?”

I reminded her that she too is different. At the time she was an only child, and her body was different than Elmo, he has fur and is red. She doesn’t have fur and has light skin. Did I mention we PROMPTLY STOPPED watching “Happy Holiday with Elmo!” Just in case!  Lol. 

I tell you all this to share about this article well written by a loving mom that talks about her daughter (pictured below) and a skin condition she has.  She shares the heartbreak and challenge it is when walking through the store.   You can’t miss her daughter’s skin condition if you aren’t used to seeing it. However, just because her skin is different her feelings aren’t. 

We are obviously very aware of various skin conditions, but we are looking for ways to increase awareness and teachable moments for our kids.  

Also, if you know anyone with a skin condition feel free to tell them about our family. I would love to see if our favorite product can help them. And show them support they may not be getting elsewhere. 

Have your children ever embarrassed you by saying or noticing something? Share your stories.  What other life teachable moments come to mind?  

Also, please take time to click on this picture and read her story. 

Read here.

Back to School Lunches 

As a mom of 4 I have to be somewhat organized!  Our house is not over the top organized in any way, but 4 kids can destroy a house in a nanosecond!  

I really try to stay on top of the chaos and keep life simple. I like to be “Yes!” Mom and if I am not on top of things all I can do is say “No!”  

This year we decided to try being more organized with lunches. We, me and my 8th grader who has amazingly made all the kid lunches every day, every school year!  I would say I’ve helped maybe a total of 10 times. 

I wanted to remove her stress of doing lunches and see if I could help simplify the process and be involved without having to be involved while getting four kids ready and out the door!  So we came to this conclusion: 


The door hanger has 4 columns, one for each child. We put a fruit, we pre bag chips and a snack in each, then we get a sandwich and pack it.  The bottom 6th pocket holds 5 snacks one for each day. 

So basically, this is what the first week of school lunch consists of 48 pieces of bread, 48 strips of turkey bacon, 25 ounces of turkey, 20 bags of chips, 20 treats, 20 pieces of fruit, 15 pieces of cheese and 20 snacks! 

So now I can excitedly announce, “We have successfully made it through the first week of school with sandwiches!”
BUT and this is a big BUT!!!!  We need 4 water bottles that don’t LEAK!!!!  Like don’t LEAK AT ALL!  Suggestions please!!!  

Back to school 

So it’s back to school and today was Meet the Teacher. I created some cute little gifts for the teachers. 

That was fun, but more pressing issues are at hand. My baby is going into kinder and I am like, “UH he was just born and yeah I am not ready for this! OH and he has food allergies and I am supposed to trust people I hardly know with him?!? He’s  the baby and did I mention I think I just cured him of door licking? Oh and one last think I forgot to mention is he is the baby, my baby…baby of the FAM OH LEE”

So what do you tell the teachers about your kids?  Do you have kids that have food allergies?  How detailed do you go?  Do you have them wear shirts as a reminder?  Allergy bracelets?  

What about my daughter with skin issues do I tell them that? How about the one who has a harder time adjusting??  Ok where is that bubble to keep them in or that homeschool teacher I forgot to hire… So I can control EVERYTHING?!?

But really…One of my guys really DOES have severe food allergies. I have taught him about his allergens. He knows not to eat anything I haven’t sent with him.  The school only allows store bought snacks. And I took snacks for him to have when they celebrate birthdays in class. The teacher is someone I know and trust but still…this one could be serious and life threatening and I have pretty much been in control of him and his food for over 6 years!  
Will his teacher teach the kids this info?  Will the parents honor that?  Do they understand the severity of it? 

The pic above needs to be taught to kids who aren’t familiar. Parents please teach your kids if  they have something my son can’t have don’t touch him, don’t offer him anything and please please please don’t tease him. 

My boy is tough and doesn’t care, but some kid do. My youngest daughter suffered from severe, painful, ugly, yucky, oozy eczema. 

This is a common issue with kids with food allergies. My son does not have skin issues and my daughter doesn’t exhibit any signs of food sensitivity, thankfully! BUT if you see a kid with red, painful, scaly skin know they are probably battling a couple different beasts. Give them a smile, encourage your child to be a good friend. And teach them to think about them and their differences.  

On a similar but different note, we also have a son with a food dye sensitivity. His isn’t as severe as the one with the tree but allergy, but I’ll tell you what makes this mom as heart burst…

You just can’t believe the kindness his friends extend to him. I have had many moms call me and say, “Hey my son wants to know what doesn’t have dye in it so he can serve it at his party!” The kids don’t want my son to feel different and they want him to be included. Those parents have amazing kids and I am greatful. 
We do not want or expect people to do anything different for our kids, but it is kind to know they will!  

If you know anyone who suffers from food sensitivity, life threatening, or not skin conditions or any other difference send them our way.  We want to embrace those like us, cherish our differences and learn about others who are different than us.