Ruidoso and Fishing 

It’s about time for our annual Ruidoso trip to get under way. As a matter of fact, we are here waiting on our condo. 

Kids are playing and I am enjoying the lower temps!  Such a great place to get away from the heat and make memories. 

We will begin fishing, as soon as I secure a fishing liscense and learn to tie a Palomer knot. The hubs has the utmost faith that I can do it!  He shared this video with me just in case.

We have our fishing tackle all ready to go!  The most important item for me is our CLn Bodywash.  Last year my fingers were so sore from poking them with hooks and then having my hands in gloves so I didn’t have to touch nasty fish.
What items do you use that you can’t live with out?  Do you have one that just stands out from all the others?  What do you do on family vacation?  I wanna hear your stories. 


Best Water Parks

We hit Schlitterbaun every year when we go to SPI. This year we ran out of time…this might be the saddest thing I’ve thought about all day. Not ready AT.ALL for vacation to be over!

I should warn my mom that three weeks next summer is looking even better. (I promise to cook and give you days off from Boo-ing).  

With that said we are hitting Hurricane Harbor on Friday cause I need to brush up my tan…And I am totally excited about the lazy river!  

We live close to Great Wolf Lodge and we’ve been once, but something about an indoor water park just seems wrong when you live in Texas, but it’s a top contender for best water parks in the country!  

I read this article today.  Have you gone to any of them?  Which ones should we hit?

Time to get to booking my next destination!  I mean I can vacation again soon, right?!? Give me sun, water, a float and I am READY..

The kids MIGHT need more entertainment, but I bet we could compromise!  

In the mean time, have I mentioned I am not ready for vacation to be over? 

Beach must haves 2016

Every year our family beach must haves change! 

This year we have a new love of all things sports from the 8 year old!  He has been excited about two cheap soccer goals we bought at 5 below!  

He also bought:

All the kids on the beach have become our new best friends. We even had a serious game of shirt vs. skins!  

As for the adults our list contains things to make our beach time a bit more relaxing!  

If you haven’t purchased the ozark trail koozie you’re crazy!  They are from Walmart, but I can only find them here now!  And these beach cups are amazing for holding your koozie. They sell for $5 at Walmart, but head over to 5 below and thank me for the savings cause they are only $1 there!  

We have also found a new love of being a beach family. We love crabbing!  Get yourself some cheap flashlights, a large bucket, shovels and these awesome nets!  

Get prepared for lots of laughs, screaming and fun. 

If you don’t like laughing and being a bit excared (excited/scared) CRABBING is NOT for you!  

This has been one of the most fun trips!  

However, we can’t forget the after the beach necessities too!  
From bug repellent/sunburn relief:

To our tried and true Bodywash that keeps our sensitive skin conditions under wraps:

And definitely last, but not least the must have hair products cause my hair gets CRAZY here!  

What are your vacation must haves?  

Long travel And a dose of Joy 

Today we began the 10 hour journey home from New Mexico!  We had a really spectacular trip!  It was low key and busy all at once. Such a different trip than two years ago, yet very close to the same. My kids are older, easier and soooo much fun!
We went to Las Cruces, Ruidoso and back to Cruces. We swam, fished, spent time as a family and made so many memories this blog wouldn’t have the ability to hold it all!  

My oldest fell in love with BINGO. I’ve always said she’s an old soul. We played at the Elks lodge, one of the parish halls and my mother in law took her and my niece to the American Legion. 


My littles went hiking with eczema dad and really enjoyed it.  Eczema dad loves talking about hiking these same mountains as a youngster. They also got to visit a border patrol station and see some cool gadgets that WOOKIE was interested in.  


I really learned this trip that no matter how much I have traveled in my life my true joy is found in watching my kids make memories and the true love they have on their faces while I am observing and they don’t even know.   

Joy by definition says:

It sounds great. But my version it’s even greater:


It’s all that above and seeing my kids carefree, loving life, living the dreams that they didn’t even know they had! Me being able to say, “Yes!” Yes, to ice cream, extra cuddles, playing games, late bedtimes and fun, fun and more fun! 

This trip was one we’ve done before yet at each and every moment something new popped up. They didn’t have that exact fun, same smile or love before. All of it was fun! And everyone got along, played well and enjoyed each other. 

I am so thankful to my mother in law that we lovingly refer to as Saint Beverly and my mom.  They are the reasons many many times I get to experience my own personal joy!  

I learned so much from my joy this summer. I’ve always heard joy comes in the morning and the last year joy came.  It was harder to find some days after my dad died, but words can’t express the JOY I experienced with my kids THIS  summer. It was just the medicine this ole stone heart needed. 

Thank you Boo and Nana Bev for being the givers of my joy. Your love and support for me and the kids is so very much appreciated.


Legos…the root of all evil? 

How many times have you stepped on a Lego and thought your life was over?  How many times did you swear if that happens again you will throw all of those little evil pieces away?  

Well, for a change legos saved the day!  Kids were restless, making me a nervous wreck around my mother in laws house. They were having competitions to see who could best jump over the cactus in her backyard!  Uhh Yeah, that’s not a TERRIBLE idea kids!    

So, I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I told the kids get the Legos and count out 20 pieces.  Any pieces they want. Sit back to back, and lay pieces out but you can’t look at each other’s… Then I told them to build the tallest tower they could with the pieces, next all must be attached but make the longest creation you can, then use all pieces to make the letter of your first name and so on and so on. I set a timer for each activity.  Easy tasks one minute, harder ones 3. This kept the kids busy for a solid 45 minutes  and then it was time to leave for dinner. 

I’m not sure where my idea came From, but I am so thankful it kept them quiet, contained, out of the cactus and they had to be creative and competitive. 

My favorite design was when I let the girls team up and boys team up and create the Eiffel Tower. I think. Their designs are great!  


Next time I step on a Lego I might be less apt to toss them…instead maybe I’ll push a kid into a cactus.  I JOKE I JOKE! 



Eczema Family Pleasing Chicken 

We are visiting my mother in law this week and I felt I should cook her at least a couple meals!  I let the kids pick which ones they wanted Nana to have and they picked out one of our  favorite chicken recipes. My mother in laws verdict is in…AND she asked for the recipe… SO it must be good!  Win in my book cause 9 years ago when I met her I could barely toast an eggo!  


Dijon mustard (I prefer the market street brand)

Maple syrup

Rice wine vinegar

Rosemary (fresh or dried)

 Mix together 1-1/2 cups of dijon mustard, 3/4 cup of maple syrup, and 3 tablespoon of rice/rice wine vinegar. (This feeds our family of 6) I pour mixture into freezer 2 ziplock bags (1/2 of Mixture in each one) I throw 4 large frozen chicken breasts in the bag and marinade them for 24 hours. 

After 24 hours, preheat oven to 450. Then I pour chicken breasts and mixture into 2- 9×13 dishes. Stick in oven and cook for 40 minutes basting halfway through. I take them out and Sprinkle with rosemary. Then I broil them for 5-8 minutes to crisp up the Chicken. Let set 5 minutes and serve. 

I put the extra sauce in a dish and serve as a gravy if the kids want it. Mine like to dip their dinner rolls in the extra. 

Fishing for fun


  We came out to Ruidoso, NM to escape the Texas and Las Cruces heat! It has been wonderful to be be in temps ranging from 60 to 86!  Texas is hitting 106 today!  
My kids are loving the condos my MIL rented we have this cute little porch overlooking a golf course and pond. Lots of people are fishing out of the pond this year!  In years passed, I never noticed them fishing. My kids are EXTREMELY out going and friendly and when I left them with MIL so I could grocery shop I came home to the having befriended some children and their grandpa.  

Not only did they befriend him, but they were in on the fishing!  We have no poles, I’m not fisherman and I don’t know they last thing about much outdoorsy.  If you need to know where to purchase something, how to craft or need an organizing idea I am your woman!  I’ve camped once in my life, fishes with my uncle when a small girl and went camping once and that same uncle brought air mattress and a TV….

So, that night I sat and watched and asked the grandpa all I could about fishing here. I found out I needed a license…so off to Walmart I went yesterday!  Eczema dad is proud that I secured my first fishing/hunting license. 


It only took me befriending the sporting goods guy Jesse and a few million texts to eczema dad 

And we had  all the things  we needed!   I rigged us up some hooks and line (we are fishing without poles here!). We went down and OMGoodness the fish were biting!  We caught 50 fish in about an hour!  It was insane. I’ve never once in my life ever even thought I would take fish off , but it was off the HOOK (lol see what I did there?)!  

I really thought that this was going to be a beating and that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. To my surprise I loved it. I loved hearing my son “woooo” really loud each time he caught a fish!  I loved hearing my daughter yell out the number caught!  I loved watching my two smaller ones enjoy each and every fish. They were pulling them out so fast that there was a line waiting for fish removal and bait. 

My kids were so happy and my heart was so full!  I am so thankful that I have a mom and mother in law who bring us on amazing trips. I am so happy for being able to make these memories with my kids I wouldn’t otherwise. I am thankful for the confidence that God gave me yesterday to get this fishing stuff and wing it. Sometimes the best blessings are those least expected. I surely didn’t expect to be blessed by having to get a fishing license and struggle through fishing with my kids, but I did. I was blessed by enjoying my children. the beautiful scenery, a great mother in law and making fun unexpected memories!  Plain and simple…IT DOESN’T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!  And you know what?  We are back at it today and trying a few other new things!  Thanks eczema dad for holding down the fort.